A Touch of Camo—Our History and What’s Coming NEW!

A Touch of Camo, LLC has been in existence, online, since 2006. Under previous names, we were in the wedding business selling custom wedding gowns and providing wedding photography in the Tucson, Arizona area for 18 years, the elder owners. Our daughter, Michelle, who is now a co-owner, worked in bridal retail all the way through college…so we all know weddings and formal wear!

From 2006 until 2018, we were predominately selling camo accented formal wear, hence our revised name. We had customers all over the USA and Canada as well as a few overseas countries. At one point we had about 10 retail shops around the US that carried our ATOC Designs line in their stores. NOW… we intend via this newly revised website to not only offer the Camo accented formal wear but to develop a couple of other aspects to our business… with the first introduction being creating custom traditional gowns for our customers. We are also wanted to be sure at least one line of gowns is available with the Made in AMERICA label for those who prefer to buy American! Our styles that are beaded an embroidered, up until now, have needed to be made in an overseas factory to assure those embellishments that many brides want. We do work in partnership with a factory that specializes in bridal gowns/formal dresses and makes gowns for many US bridal manufacturers, and to the same standards of sewing, you would see in your local bridal boutiques.

As our blog progresses forward, we will introduce our other new line, when all is finalized and we can introduce samples. The new Made in America line, will have our first sample ready by December, but we can attach a designer drawing to give an idea….. 

Sample #1 drawing shows a tank style, tulle bodice with ruching, and beading all over the one shoulder and below ruching, going around the low tulle back to outline the V shape in the back. Then, there are pictures #2 and #3 showing what we are thinking the skirt would look like front and back.

Sample #4 picture is a work in progress after sample #1 arrives. It got many upvotes on our Facebook page as a style that brides would love to wear.  This gives a reader some idea of what’s going on in our minds here, for custom designing of traditional gowns.

Future blogs will discuss how brides can design their own gowns in this way; a description of what quality designs and sewing should look like for those not familiar with dressmaking; a discussion about what you get when you buy your gown on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere, where overseas factories (you HOPE the ad actually leads to a factory and not just to a young woman starting out sewing in her home!) tell you that you can get a copy of a gown you saw on the internet, but it’s only going to cost you under $200 for your formal wedding gown or prom dress….and perhaps more about how we can help you with your wedding budget, planning, decorating, etiquette rules and more…

I intend to post at least monthly, but more often if readers are telling us they like the info!

For now…signing off from JoAnne, one of your main contact people at A Touch of Camo…where we want to help you find your dream dress for your formal occasion!

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  1. I wanted my dream wedding! Camo, of course! I was googling dresses and when I found the sight, I fell in love. I lived and grew up in Northern AZ. I saw where her company was located, and knew right away that, that was where I was ordering my dress. JoAnne helped me every step of the way, from measuring, to ordering, to setting up alterations! Great people. ❤️ Great company ❤️ Beautiful work❤️

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