Affordable Custom-Made Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear in Traditional or Camo Fabrics

Custom Formal Wear with A Touch of Camo

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Custom designs are what we do!

Are you searching for an affordable custom-designed wedding dress, prom gown, bridesmaid dress, or other type of formal wear? Do you want a unique fabric, such as a satin camo? We can help you custom design your dream wedding gown, in either traditional fabrics, or with a touch of camo, and we also have many styles of dresses and separates that can be made in a variety of fabrics.

Designer Specifications

All of our wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and prom dresses are made to the same specifications as designer gowns at well-known bridal boutiques. The majority of our attire is sewn in our factory, and we also have several local seamstresses who sew simpler styles and smaller items.

Designing Your Dress

A Touch of Camo focuses on your individual desires, and we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. We have been helping our brides design their own wedding gowns since 2006. When designing a dress you will always work directly with the owners, who have approximately 40 years’ experience in the bridal and formal wear industry. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will stay in touch with you throughout the designing, ordering and sewing process.

Read more about designing your own gown.

Camo Style Wedding, Party & Formal Dresses

A Touch of Camo specializes in camo style wedding dresses, prom dress, formals,
bridesmaid, and more. We add a touch of camo to make the dresses stand out and make
you look uniquely stylish on all types of special occasions. Let your inner style shine
through your choice of a camo wedding dress or camo prom dress. We will customize the
dress to make it reflect your own personality.

We ensure top-notch service for all our customers, which is why they love coming back to us for all their dresses and clothing needs. Whether it’s formal occasion or a wedding or party, we have the perfect dress for you.

Get Everything Camo Here

Adding camo to enhance the design of a dress is what we specialize in. We have an amazing collection of camo style, some of our popular camo designs are:
We can create custom bridal gowns, a camo wedding dress, and camo bridal dresses to make them even more special. Our camouflage wedding gowns and camo bridesmaid dresses are very popular.

Camo Wedding Dresses

Adding “a touch of camo” in your wedding dress can make it unique and stylish at
the same time. That is what our customers love about our custom bridal gowns. Tell us
how you want it (camo or no camo) and we will make it look like you imagined it.

We have a selection of camo bridal gowns in different designs and styles. They
are designed with the same specifications as designer gowns at famous bridal
boutiques. Our bridal camo gowns, bridesmaid gowns and other formal dresses are designed to standout and
make the day memorable for you. 

When you want something  unique for your wedding dress, prom dress or
formal dresses, A Touch Of Camo is the place.

For more details, give us a call now – (602) 448-6832.

Please take a few minutes to browse the site and view our styles.

We appreciate you trusting us to design the dress of your dreams during this important time in your life and look forward to working with you.

Men’s, Boy’s, Girl’s, and Graduation Attire

Our men’s and boy’s items include vests, long ties, bow ties, and cummerbunds, and our girls items can be made to match the bride’s design. Graduation caps and gowns can be designed to be uniquely you, and any item can be ordered in traditional or camo fabrics.

Short camo prom dress and man wearing camo vest
Short camo prom dress and man wearing camo vest
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A Touch of Camo, LLC
5 reviews
5.0 out of 5.0
Oscar · Married on 08/18/2007

Positives: SAVED us soooo much money! Always replied to e-mails within a couple hours, sometimes within minutes, and never wrote formulated e-mails, always VERY personal an... Read more

Alexandra C. · Getting married on 10/01/2022
Bridal gown

I am completely in love with my dress! Couldn’t have asked for anything more! I love that they shipped quickly and were able to customize my corset ribbon to fit my wedding colours... Read more

Tanya · Married on 07/29/2017

They were absolutely amazing. The dress I fell in love with was recently discontinued so they contacted the designer for me and got it made special for me and didn't charge me any... Read more

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