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Online Purchases

We understand purchasing anything on the internet can be scary, but purchasing something as important and expensive as your wedding gown and attire can be completely overwhelming! To help alleviate any anxiety you have over purchasing formalwear online we have put together this information to help you.

Keep in Mind

If the price of the dress seems too good to be true, it probably is! According to BRIDES, in 2020 the average price of an off-the-rack wedding dress in the US is $1,631, and THE KNOT notes custom-made dresses are often between $1,500 to $4,000. So if you see an ad for a custom-made dress on Amazon, eBay, or the like for $200 you most likely will sacrifice quality and authenticity for the price.

Many, many people copy our pictures (and our competitor’s pictures) and claim they can make you that exact dress – they do this because they have never made that dress design before. In reality, they do not have access to the licensed camo fabrics, so when you try to order they attempt to steer you toward another purchase. IF they have camo fabric at all, it is most likely illegally copied and the pattern will not appear crisp and digitally clear, like the authentic camo patterns we purchase.

Be Cautious When Buying

  1. You get what you pay for. We always recommend you purchase from a reputable company who can provide several pictures of the item you want. We believe that although everyone needs to start somewhere, your wedding gown and formal attire is not the place for an inexperienced seamstress!
  2. Low price usually equals low quality, especially if a custom-made wedding gown is priced below $300. The authentic camo fabric in a wedding dress alone can cost us well over $250, and if you are purchasing from overseas there is always labor, shipping, handling, and duty fees – you may not see these fees listed separately but someone is having to pay them. Nothing is made for free, which means something must be lacking, and that something is usually quality.
  3. Don’t always count on a website’s testimonies, as some places have their employees write positive testimonies for them. Be sure to check through a seller’s FaceBook. Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts for customer comments.
  4. Remember the laws of the United States do not apply to other countries, so once you buy something from overseas, you generally have no recourse if you are not happy with your item. And if you have not purchased well in advance of your date there may not be time to order a new item from someone else.
  5. Many of the major bridal retailers have their dresses made overseas, but they use trusted factories with years of experience and verified contacts. Like other retailers, we work with just one overseas factory that has sewn for us for ten+ years. We are in constant contact with our designer via email and phone. Our factory has an office based in New York City, a popular online presence, and they sew for many bridal manufacturers throughout the world, including the USA and Canada.

Your Order is Complete - Now What?

Before an order is ever shipped to the customer, our staff completes a thorough quality control check on the item. We measure all parts of the gown and compare these measurements with the measurements given by the customer (remember, most every item will require alterations once it is received by the customer in order to achieve the perfect fit).

We check all the sewing and have any minor problems fixed by our local seamstress. We spot clean the gown because it is virtually impossible to sew, embroidery, and/or hand-bead something as big as a wedding gown without getting spots on it somewhere!

Finally, we steam the entire gown, and will then send you pictures of the finished gown before we ship it to you, so you SEE what you are going to receive before the box comes to your door. Your gown will come to you from us, looking much the same as if you bought it at your local bridal store.

YOU WILL KNOW what you are getting with us! It WILL be our own style, exactly as seen on our website or in any other pictures we post on social media or email to you.

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