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Realtree Camo Courtney

Have you ever fallen in love with a designer gown but couldn’t afford the price? Or wanted the top of one gown but the bottom of another? Or absolutely loved a gown but would like it sleeveless instead of with sleeves? Maybe you love a design but wish it was shorter, or had a different train, or was in a different color? Or maybe you have already purchased your gown but was hoping to make some changes to it? Let A Touch of Camo help you fulfill your wedding dress wishes by designing your perfect gown at an affordable price.

The idea behind A Touch of Camo started when a bride requested we personalize her wedding gown by adding a small amount of camo to her dress, and we have spent the past 18 years designing and creating custom wedding, bridesmaid, and prom dresses, along with customized men’s, children’s, and graduation items. We understand that camo isn’t for everyone, which is why we also offer customized traditional wedding gowns as well. We are able to offer our items at greatly reduced prices because we don’t have to mark up our products due to overhead and sales commissions.

Quality Gowns, Discounted Price

We understand that you may be worried about the quality of your dress and if it will really show up looking like it does in the picture – yes, we have seen those terrible before and after pictures from those who ordered dresses off Amazon from an overseas location! We understand the bride already has enough to worry about and therefore we want to reassure you that your dress will be made of the highest quality fabrics and materials. All of our dresses have fully built-up bodices with full lining, interface, boning, and with attached bra cups and straps. Our beading, sequins, and embellishments are hand-sewn, and all embroidery work is custom. The skirts of our dress are always fully lined, and will have attached netting/crinoline (style permitting). Gowns with trains will also have a loop attached underneath.

Many of the major bridal retailers have their dresses made overseas, but they use trusted factories with years of experience and verified contacts. Like other retailers, we work with ONE overseas factory that has sewn for us for 15+ years. We are in constant contact with our designer via email and phone. Our factory has an office based in New York City, a popular online presence, and they sew for many bridal manufacturers throughout the world, including the USA and Canada. The gown you receive from A Touch of Camo will be of the same quality as any gown you would purchase from any major bridal retailer, but at a discounted price.

How to Design/Customize a Dress

If you are interested in customizing or designing your own wedding dress please email us at or call us at 602-448-6832 and follow these steps:

  1. -Email front and back sketches and/or front and back pictures of your desired item
  2. Provide us with your “wear date” (please review our Sewing & Delivery policy)
  3. Provide us with your approximate size (please review our How to Measure section)
  4. Include any special design requests that are not visible in your sketches/pictures

You will receive an emailed quote from us within 4-6 days and your quote will be good for 10 days from the date of our email. After 10 days you will need to re-submit your information.

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