How to Measure

Custom Measurement Instructions

We strongly recommend you have a professional seamstress complete your measurements to ensure accuracy, as we do not accept returns simply because the item does not fit you when it arrives.

Measurement Guidelines


  • Please understand that you should expect that some alterations will be needed to fit perfectly. We often sew our dresses with an inch or two of extra fabric, especially in the bodice area, as we realize your body may change from the time of ordering, and it is best to have a bit extra fabric than not enough! Please follow our custom instructions on how to measure.
  • It is very important that you have someone else take your measurements (do NOT do these measurements by yourself) because you must be standing very straight and still to do them.
  • Ideally, you should wear the same undergarments you plan to wear with your dress as different undergarments can shape your body differently. It is also advisable to measure length while wearing the shoes you will be wearing on your event day.
  • It is very important that you DO NOT measure over your outside street clothing—it is recommended to measure over your undergarments.
  • Gowns with a corset back may be less likely to need alterations in the bodice area because the corset adjustment allows the bodice to size down approximately two sizes or size up approximately one size. The corset back adjustment will typically custom adjust to your bust and waist as you adjust the laces, but this is not a guarantee for everyone, as everyone is shaped differently.
  • Please remember that formal wear is often sized differently than regular clothing, so it is very important to take accurate measurements, and not just provide your current size.
  • To ensure as much accuracy as possible in the length of your dress, please measure from your waist (see #3 in the diagram for location—NOT from where the top of your pants fall), down to where you would like your dress to end (mid-thigh, above the knee, tea-length, etc.). The full length would have the hem stop right at the top of your foot near your arch so that you will not trip on the skirt as you walk around.
Girls' measurements guide (image)


  • Please use the following graphic for determining girl’s measurements. This includes age 12 and younger/girls size XL and smaller. Girls 13+ and/or larger than XL should refer to WOMENS measurements.
  • Girls’ clothing sizes are generally considered to be:
    • X-Small: age 2-4
    • Small: age 4-6
    • Medium: age 6-8
    • Large: age 8-10
    • X-Large: age 10-12
  • If your child is over age 13/larger than children size X-Large/or is more developed in the bust, you may submit full measurements, as listed in the pink chart under WOMEN above, but please remember alterations may still be necessary.
Men and Boys measurement guide (image)

Men and Boys

  • For men’s and boys’ measurements, please include the chest/bust measurement (across the nipple line and around the back), and the waist measurement (around the largest part of the stomach). Accurate measurements are very important to ensure proper fit when buttoned.
  • Please remember that formalwear is often sized differently than regular clothing, so it is very important to take accurate measurements, and not just provide your current shirt size.
  • Please remember alterations may still be necessary once your item arrives.

Additional Questions?

Please reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns.

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