How to Plan a Camo Wedding

If you are looking for wedding themes, try camo weddings. It is very popular and so different than the conventional ones. If you love country style and want to bring it to your wedding, you can do with a camo wedding.

What is camo wedding? It is a wedding themes based on camouflage where you get to add colors like pink, orange and purple to almost everything. Planning a camo wedding is easy. There are lot of options available and you easily choose a few of them to create an amazing camo wedding.

Here are some ideas for planning your camo wedding:

  • Get Camo Wedding Dress

This is the most obvious thing to do. Camo wedding dress will define your whole wedding. One of the most popular camo wedding dress themes is the Muddy Girl camo. It means, a woman who love outdoors and goes hunting, fishing and mudding. It means you are a free-spirited lady who likes outdoor life.

Choose a wedding dress style like a Muddy Girl camo dress. You can customize your wedding dress in any way you want. For instance, you can get the camo design on your dress, trimmings, on the front or at the lower part of the dress or on the veil. It all depends on what type of style you want for your camo wedding dress.

A Touch of Camo offers camo wedding dress service and we can add a touch of camo to your wedding dress. Muddy Girl camo is one of the best designs you can choose for your wedding dress.

  • Camo Bridesmaid Dresses

You cannot have a camo wedding without dressing the bridesmaids in camo dresses. Yes, if you are going with the Muddy Girl camo theme, make sure that the bridesmaid dresses are of the same theme too.

You will ne amazed at the collection of bridesmaid dresses in camo theme. Again, you can customize the dresses with camo fabric. Decide what camo design and pattern will look good and will match with the wedding dress design you have chosen. Adding a touch of camo to the bridesmaid dresses is one of the best ways to make the wedding look elegant and camo themed.

  • Get a Camo Style Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is one of the most important part of the wedding after the wedding dress. The wedding dress is the most important part. Now, to create this whole countryside, camo wedding scenario, you can choose get a multi-layered camo cake. You can add elements like leaves, deer, wood, trees and similar things. This will make camo cake a perfect choice for a camo wedding.

Camo wedding cake can be done in many different ways. You can also add branches and flowers too to make it more authentic. Find a cake maker who can convert your wedding cake ideas into reality. And make sure that you are clear about what you want in your cake.

  • Camo Wedding Invitation

Get camo wedding invitation made to make sure that guests understand what the theme is. They might even dress up in something similar in honor of your wedding theme. This is where your creative skills going to come in handy.

Choose a wedding invitation design. When it comes to camo, a lot of wood and leaves are involved in it. So, you can add these elements in your wedding invitation to make it a camo theme wedding invitation. If you are choosing a Muddy Girl camo theme, add a touch of pink to it. It will make the whole thing look amazing.

  • Add Camo Décor to the Reception Party

To make everything come together, add a bit of camo in your wedding reception décor. You add a wood stump designs to the table. You can also make the tablecloth in similar pattern. You can also add a camo pattern artificial flower too.

Adding a bit of camo to the whole décor can help you make your camo wedding a success. There are so many ways you can add camo designs to your wedding and make it unique and memorable in many ways. A camo style can really define your wedding and make it special.

The Bottom-line

A camo style wedding is one of the best ways to make your wedding look special. Choose an amazing theme like Muddy Girl camo and add a touch of camo to everything you can, such your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, flower girl and boys dress, table décor, cake, invitation and much more. You can use this theme in so many ways. You can easily plan the most beautiful wedding ever.

A Touch of Camo specializes in creating camo theme wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. We can easily create the most stunning wedding dress based on the Muddy Girl Camo theme. Our custom-made wedding dresses can be customized to suit your camo design needs. Let us know what you are looking for, and our talented team will make sure that your ideas are converted into reality.

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