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See all the Camo Patterns that Come in Satin Fabric


See all the various camo patterns and if you want samples, you can order and pay for a set of them in fabric swatches to use for color coordination during your planning.

At this time, we do not have the Shine Attire patterns or all the solid satin colors available to show here, but most of you ask questions about the various camo patterns and how to tell the differences, so we've done that part first!


If you pay the $3.00 shipping fee, you will get the camo pattern of your choice and all of the solid satin colors that go with that pattern.  The camo swatch will be big enough to see the entire pattern.  The solid swatches are approximately 2" x 2".  The $3.00 fee just covers USA shipping.  Other countries will have to agree to pay the additional shipping costs.

Regular Price: $3.00


Base Price: $3.00
Additional items: $0.00
 Shipping: US: $3.00
(CANADA: 50% more)
 Total: $6.00


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Camo Patterns Available for the ATOC CAMO DESIGNS.


If you choose ALL CAMO patterns and solid colors in the CAMO choice section, you will get all these colors. Otherwise, you will get all the colors that go with the camo pattern you chose. You do NOT need to choose any specific colors here if you do not want to.