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Men's Tie Windsor Style in Hunter Orange and Black


Sorry -- This product is no longer available.

1 IN STOCK, ON SALE These ties are by The Formal Sportsman.  If you would like to add hunter orange to your wedding attire, and want to save a bunch on a tie, one of these will do it!  A windsor tie is pretied and hooks around the neck with a strap, but looks like a traditional tie.  The material is a heavy 'flannel' type material.

When these items are ordered with a gown or other items, you will receive FREE shipping.  IF submitting a multiple order, do not pay in paypal...just submit the order and then close the website without paying.  I will be able to discount the shipping and send an email with a new price and then you can go into PayPal and pay for your order.

Regular Price: $49.00
On Sale: $35.00