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DEE DEE-FG Dress, Satin, White or Ivory with Two Sashes:
Camo + Organza-Order Your Size


Sorry -- This product is no longer available.

The economical FG dress is ankle length, satin fabric, fully lined, with wide organza sash plus a mossy oak sash too.  Tank top with button up back on bodice.  This item comes in size 6 mo through size 12.  Other styles can be arranged with similar pricing.  We have several in stock in sizes 12 mo through  size 5.  They will be in separate listings under IN STOCK and SALE ITEMS.

USE this order if you want one in a size that is NOT in stock or a different color than listed with the in stock size.

When these items are ordered with a gown or other items, you will receive FREE shipping.  IF submitting a multiple order, do not pay in paypal...just submit the order and then close the website without paying.  I will be able to discount the shipping and send an email with a new price and then you can go into PayPal and pay for your order.

Regular Price: $175.00