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A TOUCH of CAMO, LLC is owned by JoAnne and Gregg Schnepp and based in Lakeside, Arizona. My husband, Gregg and I have 30 years experience in the wedding business with him as a wedding photographer and me being his assistant. I am also a retired RN, who had to go on disability in 2005 due to shingles, Post Herpetic Neuralgia and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I established my own wedding business, originally called White Lace and Promises, in 1996, as a plan for what to do in "retirement".

In 2007, we created "A TOUCH of CAMO", when one bride, Heather, got in touch to ask if we could insert a camo pattern into the front skirt of her already purchased wedding gown, because her wedding theme had changed to an outdoor, camo wedding!! This created our first camo design, AND MOST POPULAR wedding gown style .... aptly named HEATHER!! During the first year with this line, we had to locate a new factory to sew for us, and we were so happy to say that all our gowns were MADE IN THE USA!! When we wanted to expand to including embroidered and hand beaded wedding gowns, to meet customers desires, we were unhappy that we could not find any factories in the USA that embroidered on satin.This is the ONLY reason we aligned with a Chinese factory for that line of gowns.

In 2009, we added camo lingerie, swimwear for guys and gals and a variety of accessory items suitable to bridal party gifts or gifts for many other occasions. And in 2011, we got licensed to sell the Mossy Oak patterns wholesale to other retail shops, so that customers would FINALLY be able to find local places where they could get more personalized services and see, try on and inspect items before purchasing.

In 2012, we also aligned with the Muddy Girl/Shine Attire company to offer their non hunting camo patterns which are so popular with the prom crowd currently.

In 2013, our goal has been to expand our website so that it would be more mobile friendly, since so many are now getting on line via their mobile devices and tablets. We are creating a series of topical slide shows that can be loaded on mobile devices and will include the ability to see multiple views of an item, basic price and descriptions for browsing. You will still have to order via the regular web store.

Since Gregg and I have spent our entire married life being hunters, shooters and campers .... we fully understand why this camo theme is so popular! We have been pleased to expand our camo patterns to include an additional 9 traditional patterns made in satin.

Please look over our various pages of products and services and "Enjoy Browsing!"

Meet Your Bridal Assistants HERE:

JoAnne Schnepp -  Main Owner of A TOUCH of CAMO

JoAnne Schnepp - Main Owner of "A TOUCH of CAMO"

Gregg... THE photographer AND KEEPER OF THE 'HONEY DO' LIST!

hubby, Gregg...

AND...below is the REAL boss in our house.....BABE...Our German Wirehaired Pointer. She's the sweetest, most lovable bird dog any good ole hunting enthusiast could ever want....AND...the Great Protector of our entire business and home! We love her; she loves us...but she's not excited about strangers, which is good!!
the REAL boss in our house.....BABE...Our German Wirehaired Pointer.
BABE is banned from the office/display area and even though she is quite a lady, she is NOT permitted to be around any of the gowns you ladies have ordered!! She only gets to lay outside the gate over the doorway and watch what we are doing!!